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We are honored to collaborate with prominent national leaders, renowned companies, and influential advocacy organizations as valued partners.


17th Street Media
American Made Media

American Made MMA
Anthony Iosco Legal
Apex Strategy Group
Axiom Strategies
Black Banners
Bullpen Poltical
Campaign eDirect
Candidate Command
Christy Cardiology
Cold Spark Media
Communications Pipeline
Consumer Debt Relief Initiative
Cor Strategies
Del Mar Public Speaking
Ellermann Commercial Brokerage
Emory University
EOSullivan Consulting
F3 Energy
Freedom Fight Night
Fundraising INC
Goodman Political
Hawthorne Strategy Group
HJR Experiment Podcast
Lab One, Inc
Lee's Barber Shop
McCollister's Global Services

National Public Affairs
Phoebus Fund
Pink Haze
Project Rock
Pure-Southport Gas
Queen City Breakers
Revolvis Consulting
Roe Strategic
Silverstone Ranch
Storm King Strategies
Surus Illinois
Technology and Manufacturing Association
The Arena Strategic Communications
The Blair Group
The Drink Tent
The Riding Club of Barrington Hills
The Soufan Group
Tickle My Tamale
Under Armour
Under the Lights Flag Football
Unifier Advisors
United Fight League
Wilbrandt Legal
Youth Flag Football Championships


Alabama First PAC
Alabama State Senate Caucus
American Action Network
Americans For Prosperity - Illinois
Americans For Prosperity - Indiana
Americans For Prosperity - Iowa
Americans For Prosperity - Pennsylvania
Americans For Prosperity - Wisconsin
Choice for Change New Jersey
Citizens for a Better Samson County
Citizens for a Safe San Diego
Citizens for a Strong North Barrington
Citizens for Lake County Board
Citizens For New Leadership
Club for Growth Action
Colorado Economic Leadership Fund
Commonwealth Priorities PAC
Conservative Leadership PAC (CLPAC)
Conversations with Illinoisians
Cook County Republican Party
Downers Grove Township Republican Organization
DuPage County Republicans
Elect Common Sense New Jersey
Election Integrity Hotline
Energy In Depth - The Ohio Project
Fighting For Burr Ridge to Elect Trustees
Freedom Key Society
Freedom Partners Action Fund
Golf School District 67
Homer Township Republicans
Illinois House Republican Organization
Kaneland High School
Keep The Good Life, Inc
Lake Barrington Memorial 5k
Lake County Republicans
Lemont High School
Lincoln Leaders
Live from the Lincoln Desk
Log Cabin Virtues
Mansfielders for Jobs
Missouri Senate Conservatives Fund
Morris County Republican Committee
Moving Wheeling Forward to Elect Village President, Clerk & Trustees
National Republican Congressional Committee
Neighbors for a Better Lakeview
New Jersey Republican State Committee
No Casino Cafe Coalition
No on Measure J Ballot Initiative
North Barrington Leaders PAC
Now or Never PAC
Nunda Township Republican Central Committee
NXTgen Illinois

Orland Residents for Responsible Government
Outstate MO
Palatine Rural Fire Protection District
Palatine Township Republican Organization
Patriots for Progress New Jersey
Project for California's Future
Pro-Life Victory Federal PAC
Proportional Justice
Qatar International Academy for Security Studies
Red Stick Leaders for Students PAC
Republican National Committee
Republican Organization of Orland Township
Republicans of Elk Grove Township
Restore Our Freedom PAC
Roskam PAC
Safe Suburbs USA PAC
Sangamon Victory PAC
Schaumburg Township Republican Organization
Shelby County Republican Party
Smoke Filled Room
Solar Powers Illinois
St. Clair County Republicans
Stevenson Excellence to Elect School Board Members
Strengthen Our State
The Republican Committee of Allegheny County
The Republican Party of California
The Republican Party of Connecticut
The Republican Party of Illinois
The Republican Party of Kansas
The Republican Party of Michigan
The Republican Party of Minnesota
The Republican Party of Missouri
The Republican Party of New Jersey
The Republican Party of San Diego
The Republican Party of South Carolina
The Republican State Leadership Committee Missouri PAC
Turning Point Action
Turzai Leadership Fund
U.S. Capitol Historical Society
Vernon Township Republicans
Veterans of Lake Barrington Shores
Vote No on the Progressive Tax
Vote Yes on Measure H
Vote Yes to Fix Our School D79
Voters for Transparency and Term Limits
Warren County Republican Committee
Waukegan Forward
West Virginia's Future PAC
Yes on Prop. H Ballot Initiative
Yes to Fix Our Schools and Lower Our Taxes in District 89
Yes to Protect and Modernize Itasca District 10


John Boehner for Speaker

Chris McDaniel for U.S. Senate
Doug Bennett Senate Exploratory Committee
Dr. Byron Bush for U.S. Senate
Dr. Kelli Ward for U.S. Senate
Kelly Tshibaka for U.S. Senate
Mark Kirk for U.S. Senate
Rob Maness for U.S. Senate

Catalin Predoiu for President of Romania
David Granger for President of Guyana

Alex Mooney for Congress (WV)
Bo Hines for Congress (NC)
Bob Dold for Congress (IL)
Brian Bilbray for Congress (CA)
Bryan Smith for Congress (ID)
Cassandra Miller for Congress (IL)
Charlie Dent for Congress (PA)
Chris Reilly for Congress (PA)
Cory Gardner for Congress (CO)
David  Curry for Congress (GA)
David Richter for Congress (NJ)
Denise Gitsham for Congress (CA)
Dick Green for Congress (IL)
Dirk Beveridge for Congress (IL)
Doug Bennett for Congress (IL)
Dr. Julio Gonzalez for Congress (FL)
Emily Burns for Congress (MA)
Gary Miller for Congress (CA)
Geoff Davis for Congress (KN)
Harriet Hageman for Congress (WY)

Jason Batts for Congress (KY)
Jason Plummer for Congress (IL)
Jason Smith for Congress (MO)
JD for Congress (IL)
Jeff Van Drew for Congress (NJ)
Joe Severino for Congress (IL)
Joe Walsh for Congress (IL)
Joy Villa for Congress (FL)
Keith Pekau for Congress (IL)
Kristin Gaspar for Congress (CA)
Lori Chavez-Deremer for Congress (OR)
Margarita Wilkinson for Congress (CA)
Mary Miller for Congress (IL)
Matt Hausman for Congress (IL)
Matt Larkin for Congress (WA)
Mike Chamberlain for Congrses (IL)
Mike Fricilone for Congress (IL)
Mike France for Congress (CT)
Mike Koolidge for Congress (IL)
Mike Kowall for Congress (MI)
Paige Kreegel for Congress (FL)
Pat Maciariello for Congress (CA)
Paul Gosar for Congress (AZ)
Peter Roskam for Congress (IL)
Rafael Dagnesses for Congress (IL)
Ronny Jackson for Congress (TX)
Scott Perry for Congress (PA)
Ted Budd for Congress (NC)
Ted Edwards for Congress (FL)
Tim Murphy for Congress (PA)
Tom Barrett for Congress (MI)
Warren Davidson for Congress (OH)

Jay Ashcroft for Missouri Governor
Abel Maldonado for California Governor
Bruce Rauner for Illinois Governor
Gary Rabine for Illinois Governor
Kendall Qualls for Minnesota Governor
Kirk Dillard for Illinois Governor
Lou Barletta for Pennsylvania Governor

Nikki Haley for South Carolina Governor  
Paul Schimpf for Illinois Governor
Tom Foley for Connecticut Governor
Aaron Del Mar for Illinois Lt. Governor
Burt Jones for Georgia Lt. Governor
Ron Nehring for California Lt. Governor

Andrew Jones for Alabama State Senate
Cam Ward for Alabama State Senate
Clay Scofield for Alabama State Senate
Clyde Chambliss for Alabama State Senate
Dan Roberts for Alabama State Senate
David Sessions for Alabama State Senate
Donnie Chesteen for Alabama State Senate
Garlan Gudger for Alabama State Senate
Gerald Allen for Alabama State Senate
Greg Albritton for Alabama State Senate
Jabo Waggoner for Alabama State Senate
Jack Williams for Alabama State Senate
Jim McClendon for Alabama State Senate
Larry Stutts for Alabama State Senate
Randy Price for Alabama State Senate
Sam Givhan for Alabama State Senate
Shay Shelnutt for Alabama State Senate
Steve Livingston for Alabama State Senate
Tom Butler for Alabama State Senate
Tom Whatley for Alabama State Senate
Will Barfoot for Alabama State Senate

Bob Largent for Arkansas State Senate

Beth Humenik for Colorado State Senate
Christine Jensen for Colorado State Senate
Olen Lund for Colorado State Senate

Bill Robertson for Illinois State Senate
Casey Urlacher for Illinois State Senate
Gayle Smolinski for Illinois State Senate
Jason Plummer for Illinois State Senate
Mark Wyland for Illinois State Senate

Bruce Givens for Kansas State Senate
Jake LaTurner for Kansas State Senate
Mike Petersen for Kansas State Senate
Randall Hardy for Kansas State Senate

Gex "Jay" Williams for Kentucky State Senate

Lana Theis for Michigan State Senate

Heidi Gansert for Nevada State Senate
Victoria Seaman for Nevada State Senate

Adam Elias for New Jersey State Senate

Carmen Amato for New Jersey State Senate
Doug Steinhardt for New Jersey State Senate
Joe Pennacchio for New Jersey State Senate

D. Raja for Pennsylvania State Senate
Guy Reschenthaler for Pennsylvania State Senate
Mike Turzai for Pennsylvania Speaker of the House
Randy Vulakovich for Pennsylvania State Senate

Susan DuBose for Alabama State Representative

Andrew Kotyuk for California State Assembly
Donald Wagner for California State Assembly
Jon Edney for California State Assembly
Kurt Vander Weide for California State Assembly
Mike Morrell for California State Assembly
Rick Bosetti for California State Assembly

Adam Shores for Illinois State Representative
Barbara Wheeler for Illinois State Representative
Blaine Wilhour for Illinois State Representative
Ed Sullivan for Illinois State Representative
Fatimah Macklin for Illinois State Representative
Jonathan Ojeda for Illinois State Representative
Keith Turner for Illinois State Representative
Leslie Munger for Illinois State Representative
Li Arelleno for Illinois State Representative
Mark Neerhof for Illinois State Representative
Mike Babcock for Illinois State Representative
Nick Sauer for Illinois State Representative
Paul Jacobs for Illinois State Representative
Peter Pettorini for Illinois State Representative
Reggie Phillips for Illinois State Representative
Rod Drobinski for Illinois State Representative
Scott Kegarise for Illinois State Representative
Steve Andersson for Illinois State Representative
Tosi Ufodike for Illinois State Representative

Dan Goddard for Kansas State Representative
Steve Anthimides for Kansas State Representative

Jacob Landry for Louisiana State Representative

Brian Seitz for Missouri State Representative
Chad Perkins for Missouri State Representative
Cheri Toalson Reisch for Missouri State Representative
Chris Sander for Missouri State Representative
Dan Stacy for Missouri State Representative
Daniel Bogle for Missouri State Representative
Don Rone for Missouri State Representative
Dr. Lisa Thomas for Missouri State Representative
Jay D. Houghton for Missouri State Representative
Jeff Parnell for Missouri State Representative
Ken Wilson for Missouri State Representative
Mitch Boggs for Missouri State Representative
Rob Vescovo for Missouri State Representative
Sonya Anderson for Missouri State Representative

Jason Owen for Pennsylvania State Representative

Brian Rumpf for New Jersey Assembly
Greg Myhre for New Jersey Assembly
Jay Webber for New Jersey Assembly

Carl DeMaio for San Diego Mayor
Carol Swain for Nashville Mayor
Josh Guillory for Lafayette Mayor
Scott Sherman for San Diego Mayor

John McKinney for LA District Attorney
Bob Hickey for San Diego City Attorney
Bonnie Dumanis for San Diego County District Attorney
Gary Grasso for Illinois Attorney General
Louise Hayes for Illinois State's Attorney
Pat O'Brien for Cook County State's Attorney

Dr. Howard Cooper for Lake County Coroner

Barry Vaughn for Appellate Justice
Brian Stumpe for Cole County Judge
David Gervais for McHenry County Judge
Demetri Tsilimigras for McHenry County Judge
Dominic Buttitta for Cook County Judge
Donald DeWilkins for Will County Judge
Guy Bradberry for Appeal Judge
Jeffrey Tuminello for Will County Judge
Justin Hansen for McHenry County Judge
Lynn Terese Palac for Cook County Judge
Maria McCarthy for Cook County Judge
Matthew Kirtland for District Judge

Ann Taylor for Waukegan Mayor
Brian Seger for Woodstock Mayor
Casey Urlacher for Mettawa Mayor
Chris Pecak for Lisle Mayor
Craig Johnson for Elk Grove Village Mayor
Dean Argiris for Wheeling Village President
John Catalano for Brick Mayor
Keith Pekau for Orland Park Mayor
Kennedy O’Brien for Sayreville Mayor
Marc Kurowski for Harrisburg City Mayor
Mark Mueller for Hoffman Estates Mayor
Mark Smith for Wheeling Village President
Paul Ostrander for Florence Mayor
Robert Arace for Manchester Mayor
Scott Nickles for Round Lake Beach Mayor
Tom Benigno for Norridge Village President
Tom Dailly for Schaumburg Mayor

Andrea Bowles for Orland Township Trustee
Ann Taylor for Waukegan Alderman
Bill Pohlman for Palatine Township Trustee
Bobby Fulper for Phillipsburg Council
Brian Riordan for Orland Park Trustee
Carol A. Batson-Armstrong for Mettawa Trustee
Cathy Cawiezel for Lisle Trustee
Char Kegarise for Schaumburg Township Trustee
Christine Svenson for Palatine Township Trustee
Christy Davis for Round Lake Beach Trustee
Chuck Husk for Round Lake Beach Trustee
Craig Nelson for Solana Beach City Council
Denis Bohm for Mettawa Trustee
Diane Dunham for Schaumburg Township Trustee
Dr. Gaurav Patel for Hoffman Estates Trustee
Elena Galinski for Burr Ridge Trustee
James Miller for Norridge Trustee
James Palmisano for Brick Council
Jason Lohmeyer for Barrington Trustee
Jeff Mytych for Schaumburg Township Trustee
Jim Murre for Hoffman Estates Trustee
Joe Bongiorno for Florence Council
John Maier for Mettawa Trustee
John McCann for Chula Vista City Council
John Zebrowski for Sayreville Council
Joni Radaszewski for Orland Park Trustee
Joseph Hankins for Manchester Council
Joseph J. Solek for Orland Township Trustee
Josh McBroom for Naperville City Council
Kari Brown for Vernon Hills Village Trustee
Kate Duncan for Barrington Trustee
Kathy Jarosch for Elk Grove Trustee
Kelly Dixit for Lisle Trustee
Kelly Mazeski for Barrington Hills Trustee
Kevin Horcher for North Barrington Trustee
Kim Scanlon for Wheeling Trustee
Krista Harris for County Council
Laura Rodriguez for Wheeling Trustee
Lee Waller for Wheeling Trustee
Leslie Bolanos for Palatine Township Trustee
Lora Kreczmer for Orland Township Trustee
Marie Hasse for Lisle Trustee
Mark Boyle for Lisle Trustee
Mark Lutz for Phillipsburg Council
Martha Ibarra for Round Lake Beach Trustee
Martin Pais for North Barrington Trustee
Mary Jonas Buckley for Brick Council
Matt Gambs for College of DuPage Trustee
Melissa Bond for Florence Council
Michael Colaci for Sayreville Council
Michael Smolka for Palatine Township Trustee
Mike Hantsch for Lisle Trustee
Nancy Czarnik for Elk Grove Village Trustee
Nimish Jani for Schaumburg Township Trustee
Oscar Slusarczyk for Norridge Trustee
Peter Fontanetta for Norridge Trustee
Peter Marino for Phillipsburg Council
Ray Ellis for City Council
Renee Robinson for Hoffman Estates Trustee
Rich Wilkie for Lisle Trustee
Robert Weichelt for San Diego Council
Robin Kelleher for North Barrington Trustee
Rocco Palmieri for Brick Council
Roxanne Conniff for Manchester Council
Sam Lissner for Elk Grove Village Trustee
Sean Kampas for Orland Park Trustee
Stanley “Stash” Synarski for Sayreville Council
Steve Schmidt for Elk Grove Village Trustee
Sylvia Valadez for Round Lake Beach Trustee
Tammy Miller for Elk Grove Trustee
Theresa Gallagher for Brick Council
Thomas Hayes for Waukegan Alderman
William Keefer for Orland Township Trustee
Zach Mottl for Burr Ridge Trustee

Ron Nehring for Planning Group

Ara Goshgarian for 3rd Ward Alderman
Elizabeth Shydlowski for 44th Ward Alderman
Jim Gardiner for 45th Ward Alderman
Rafa Yanez for 15th Ward Alderman
Scott Davis for 44th Ward Alderman

Dr. Alejandro Paz for Palomar Health Board

Linda Greer for Palomar Health Board
Michael Pacheco for Palomar Health Board
Rod Jones for Palomar Health Board

Aaron Lawlor Lake County Board Chairman
Ann Maine for Lake County Board
Benjamin Tucker Olson for Lake County Board
Bonnie Thomson Carter for Lake County Board
Carol Calabresa for Lake County Board
Chuck Bartels for Lake County Board
Dave Ulrich for Lake County Board
Jeff Werfel for Lake County Board
Judy Martini for Lake County Board
Linda Pedersen for Lake County Board
Mike Rummel for Lake County Board
Nick Provenzano for McHenry County Board
Nick Sauer for Lake County Board
Reid Foltyniewicz for DuPage County Board
Richard Ruzich for Lake County Board
Sharon Ongman for Shelby County Board

Andy-John G. Kalkounos for Palatine Township Supervisor
Bonnie Dumanis for San Diego Supervisor
Dan Venturi for Lake Villa Township Supervisor
Diana O'Kelly for Township Supervisor
Ed Romaine for Brookhaven Supervisor
Kevin Jeffries for Riverside County Supervisor
Scott Kaspar for Orland Township Supervisor
Tim Heneghan for Schaumburg Township Supervisor

Aaron Del-Mar for Palatine Township Highway Commissioner
Bob Miller for Algonquin Highway Commissioner
Bob O'Neill for Butler County Commissioner
Bruce Starr for Labor Commissioner
Christine Myers for Morris County Commissioner
Cindy Thompson for Northern Commissioner
Doug Cabana for Morris County Commissioner
Ginny Haines for Ocean County Commissioner
Glenn McCollum for Lake Villa Highway Commissioner
Jack Kelly for Ocean County Commissioner
Jack Kelly for Ocean County Commissioner
Joshua Wostal for Hillsborough County Commissioner
Mike McCormick for Butler County Commissioner
Russ Ford for Brazos County Commissioner
Sarah Neibart for Morris County Commissioner
Scott Kegarise for Schaumburg Township Highway Commissioner
Tom Gooch for Cuba Township Highway Commissioner
Virginia Haines for Ocean County Commissioner

Dana Hillesheim for Round Lake Beach Clerk
Agnieszka Baran for Norridge Clerk
Bob Vinnedge for Schaumburg Township Clerk
Gus Lekas for Orland Park Clerk
Kathy Brady for Wheeling Clerk
Lisa Moran for Palatine Township Clerk
Maria LaCour for Waukegan Clerk

Clint Jones for Westmoreland Controller

Chelsi Anabella Smith for MccHenry County Recorder
Joni Smith for McHenry County Recorder

Bill Gore for San Diego Sheriff
James Gannon for Morris County Sheriff
Jimmy Rankin for Coles County Sheriff
Mike Mastronardy for Ocean County Sheriff
Rob Tadelman for McHenry County Sheriff
Tony Colatorti for McHenry County Sheriff

Colleen Redpath Feger for City Treasurer
Erica Firnhaber for Shelby County Treasurer
Raj Pillai for Will County Treasurer

Doug Jameson for St Clair County Board of Review

John Lawson for Schaumburg Township Assessor
Terry Kelly for Palatine Township Assessor
Walter Campbell for Lafayette Parish Assessor

Cynthia Nelson Katsenes for Orland Township Committeeman
Keith Hanson for Cuba Township Committeeman
Scott Lietzow for Elk Grove Township Committeeman

Amy Marsch for D115 School Board
Ashley Lamb for Toms River School Board
Ashley Neumann for D2 School Board
Bozena “Bo” Czekalski for Manchester School Board
Diane Oxley for Toms River School Board
Fei Shang for D125 School Board
Gary Gorson for D125 School Board
Gina Georgiano for Manchester School Board
Gloria Wall for D7 School Board
Gregory Cohen for Toms River School Board
Jeffrey Giannelli for D115 School Board
Jim Goranson for D59 School Board
Joanna Marshall for D115 School Board
Joseph Britt for D8 School Board
Lucas Szczensy for D59 School Board
Mike Mesmer for Toms River School Board
Nathan Rust for D6 School Board
Paige Salonich for D2 School Board
Paola Pascarella for Toms River School Board
Samuel Carollo for Manchester School Board
Sarah Dzak for D59 School Board
Steve Frost for D125 School Board
'Ted' Moorman for D115 School Board
TJ Johnson for D59 School Board

Eric Vates for Orland Fire Protection Trustee
Richard Miller for Orland Fire Protection Trustee

Dedicated Community Service, Schaumburg Township Slate
Experience Matters Mettawa, Mettawa Slate
Focused on North Barrington Slate
Hoffman Estates Forward Slate
Keeping Mettawa Green Party Slate
Let’s Do Better for District 115 Slate
Let's Do Better for District 115, Lake Forest Slate
Lisle First, Lisle Slate
LVT2021, Lake Villa Township Slate
Moving Wheeling Forward, Wheeling Slate
Norridge First Party Slate
North Barrington Leaders PAC, North Barrington Slate
Palatine Township Team Slate
People over Politics, Orland Park Slate
Prosperity for Lisle Slate
Republicans United for the Taxpayer, Palatine Township Slate
United Vision for Round Lake Beach Slate

U.S. Congressman Ben Quayle (AZ)
U.S. Congressman Cory Gardner (CO)
U.S. Congressman Daniel Webster (FL)
U.S. Congressman Geoff Davis (KN)
U.S. Congresswoman Harriet Hageman (WY)
U.S. Congressman Kevin Brady (TX)
U.S. Congressman Kevin Yoder (KS)
U.S. Congressman Lamar Smith (TX)
U.S. Congressman Larry Bucshon (IN)
U.S. Congresswoman Lori Chavez-DeRemer (OR)

U.S. Congressman Mark Souder (IN)
U.S. Congressman Mike Coffman (CO)
U.S. Congressman Peter Roskam (IL)
U.S. Congressman Raul Labrador (ID)
U.S. Congressman Richard Hudson (NC)
U.S. Congressman Robert Dold (IL)
U.S. Congressman Ronny Jackson (TX)
U.S. Congressman Sam Graves (MO)
U.S. Congressman Sean Duffy (WI)

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